FleeBee Artist Profile: Novik

FleeBee phone cases required a profile/feature on each of its tentpole artists. Novik is a Venice Beach icon and was one of FleeBee’s top selling artists.

Novik Artist Profile

Client: FleeBee
Circa: March 2019
Scope: Interview, keyword research, copy
Duration: 1 week
Software Used: AHRefs, UberSuggest, Google Docs
Summary: Novik was an interesting interview, because he’s such a different kind of artist–one without discernable influence or pedigree. He’s truly unique. I worked with a translator to get to the heart of the artist’s process and approach.

Novik is a one of a kind artist with a wide range of styles between Expressionism, Abstract Expressionism, and Surrealism, and the artwork of his that we feature on our phone cases is no different.

All of Novik’s art shares an emotionally evocative sensibility inclined toward vibrant colors and bold perspectives. It’s impossible to see a Novik work of art and not stop to stare. His pieces feature a flair that catches your eye and a familiarity that invites you in for what seems like a rich, underlying story.

Novik lives in Southern Californian artist and hails originally from the capital of the country of Georgia, Tbilisi, a city that itself is a mixture of seemingly disparate styles. He attended art school in Armenia and worked on projects like the restoration of priceless artwork inside historic churches and cathedrals in St. Petersburg, Russia, before immigrating to the U.S. in 1991. 

Having painted in the U.S. for three decades, Novik found a particularly fitting home in world famous Venice Beach, California. Naturally, his vivid and eye-catching artwork has also transitioned well to the digital age, attracting a large following on social media. 

Bright yellows next to cool blues, sweeping shapes that reveal a bird’s eye view of the unexpected, religious symbology next to rural landscapes next to abstract brilliance. This is Novik, albeit inherently undefinable, and these beautiful phone cases featuring his artwork thrum with the same energy that the artist displays on the canvas.

Novik’s pieces all belong in a museum or a private collection behind glass. Holding Novik’s art in your hand in the form of a beautifully expressionist phone case is a breathtaking experience. It’s also sure to take the breaths of more than a few passers by. 

Artistic Influences

The artist says he can’t identify any conscious artistic influences, because his art moves through him freely. He describes it as a song that he sings despite not knowing the words until they spring onto the canvas. And with works like Sounds, a gorgeous rhapsody of color, it’s clear that Novik’s music is perfectly in tune. 


Expressionist, Abstract, Abstract Expressionist, Surrealism—these terms all come close to defining Novik’s art and Novik’s phone case artwork. However, these classifications are simply labels assigned after the fact to his inspired creations. The artist paints because he feels he must, and it’s clear that it’s not because he wishes to interpret an existing school. Truly, Novik’s artistic range shows a gleeful abandon of taxonomic constraints. 

Contact Info

Website: http://www.novik.business

Email: [email protected]

Instagram: @art_by_novik

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/artbyNovik/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/art_by_Novik

Other: http://www.Novik.Studio