What My Clients Say


A quick learner with a keen eye for detail, Jason helped our copy team strive while we all juggled multiple preprints and direct mail pieces with coinciding due dates. His creative copywriting and superb editing skills added value and consistency to every project he touched. Not only is Jason super friendly, he’s incredibly reliable and excels at managing his time.
I’ve had the pleasure of managing Jason and working with him as a peer and I love this guy. His standards of quality work are unmatched and the passion he brings to projects makes it that much better. Sincerely recommend.
Jason is a multi-faceted communicator with solid writing and editing skills. No matter what type of communication he's working on, he has great flexibility when writing for different audiences and groups.
Jason’s writing ability is equaled only by his tenacity. Plenty of folks have a killer work ethic, but too few can back it up with talent that continues to be honed. Jason is one of those few.